Message from the Superintendent of Schools

Mr. Edward Blaha

Mr. Edward Blaha
KISD Superintendent of Schools

Welcome to KISD.

Kingsville lSD is one of the pillars of our community. The strength of our district comes from a strong and deep tradition that has built its legacy. It is our mission to continue building a strong partnership between the home and school in order to ensure the success of each and every student of the KISD community. It is the District’s focus to offer a wide and varied curriculum that allows for the growth of the individual to have the skills and knowledge in order to be college or career ready. KISD will reach this goal through the support of our dedicated staff, parents, a board of trustees committed to excellence, and a community that supports and values education.

At KISD we believe that each student belongs to all of us, the KISD family, and we all share in the responsibility of creating the environment where children will grow into intelligent, caring and responsible adults. I thank you for your continued support, belief and trust in allowing us to partner alongside you in transforming Kingsville’s most valuable resource, the children of KISD. Please feel free to come by and meet with us if you have an idea, concern or issue. We are here to partner together.

It is an honor to serve you and your children as superintendent of KISD.